Lesson 9: The Divine Roles and Responsibilities of Man (2023)

“Lesson 9: Man's Divine Roles and Responsibilities,”The Eternal Family Teacher's Guide(2015)


As an important part of His happiness plan, Heavenly Father appointed men to be husbands and fathers. This lesson focuses on their responsibilities: “Parents, according to the divine plan, are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible for providing for the needs and protection of their families” ("The family: a proclamation to the world",banderaoLiahona,November 2010, 129).

read background

  • Richard G. Scott,"The Eternal Blessings of Marriage"banderaoLiahona,May 2011, 94–97.

  • D. Todd Christofferson,"Let's be men"banderaoLiahona,2006 Nov, 46–48.

  • Linda K. Burton,"We Will Rise Together"banderaoLiahona,Mayo 2015, 29–32.

  • Howard W. Jaeger,“To be a just husband and father”bandera,November 1994, 66–70.

  • "The Sacred Calls of Fathers and Mothers"chapter 15aTeachings of Presidents of the Church: Ezra Taft Benson(2014), 191–96.

Lesson Suggestions

Ephesians 5:25

Men should marry and value their wives.

Begin the lesson by asking:

  • What men have influenced your life? Why did they look like that to you?

Explain that this lesson is about the divinely appointed roles of men. There are no more important roles for a man than the roles of husband and father. As men strive to fulfill these responsibilities righteously, they become more like their Heavenly Father.

Ask a student to readEphesians 5:25mar.

  • What principle does this scripture teach you about how husbands should act? (Though they use different words, students should recognize this principle:Husbands are to love their wives as Jesus Christ loved the Church.)

  • How does Jesus Christ show his love for the Church?

  • What could husbands do to imitate Jesus Christ in the way they treat their wives?

Display the following statement by President SpencerW. Kimball (1895–1985) and ask a student to read it aloud:

Lesson 9: The Divine Roles and Responsibilities of Man (1)


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KimballSpencer W.

“Christ so loved the church and his people that he willingly endured persecution for them, endured degrading humiliation for them, stoically endured pain and physical abuse for them, and finally gave his precious life for them.

"If the husband is willing to treat his household in this way, not only the wife, but the whole family will respond to his guidance" ("Home, the place to save society",bandera,January 1975, 5).

  • What do you think as you reflect on President Kimball's testimony?

  • In what ways can a father make sacrifices for his family today?

Testify that Heavenly Father wants men to strive to be righteous husbands.

Ephesians 5:23;Doctrine and Covenants 121:36–46

Parents are to preside in justice

Invite students to look for paragraph seven in The Family: A Proclamation to the World to learn what Heavenly Father expects of parents.

  • what does the wordpresideto mean? (To provide guidance and direction to others.)

  • How can remembering the phrase “by divine plan” help a man to fulfill the responsibility that God gave to parents?

To help students understand how a father should preside in the home, invite a student to read aloudEphesians 5:23according to. Then invite another student to read the following statement by President Ezra Taft Benson (1899–1994):

Lesson 9: The Divine Roles and Responsibilities of Man (2)


Benson, Ezra Taft

"The apostle Paul points out that 'the head of the wife is the husband',as flatChrist is the head of the church" (Ephesians 5:23; italics added). This is the model that we must follow in our role as Home Presidency. We do not find the Savior leading the Church with a harsh or cruel hand. We find that the Savior does not treat his Church with disrespect or neglect. We do not see the Savior using force or coercion to accomplish his purposes. Nowhere do we find the Savior doing anything other than building up, uplifting, comforting, and exalting the Church. ...He is the example we should follow in assuming spiritual leadership in our families.” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Ezra Taft Benson[2014],196).

  • How would you express a principle taught by the Apostle Paul and President Benson? (Students should formulate a principle similar to the following:When a man worthily exercises the priesthood in his home, he can rightly influence his wife and children.Also, share this principle with students:As men strive to righteously fulfill their roles as husbands and fathers, they become more like their Heavenly Father.)

To further explain how a husband and father should preside in the home, consider reading the following statement by President HowardW. Hunters (1907-1995):

Lesson 9: The Divine Roles and Responsibilities of Man (3)


Jaeger, Howard W.

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“By divine appointment, the responsibility to preside over the home rests with the priesthood holder (cf.Moses 4:22). The Lord wanted the woman to be the help of the man (anothermeans equal), that is, an equal and necessary companion in full society. Presiding in justice requires a shared responsibility between husband and wife; Together they act with knowledge and participation in all family matters. If a man rules the family independently or without taking into account the feelings and advice of his wife, he is exercising an unjust government "(“To be a just husband and father”bandera,November 1994, 50–51).

Ask students to turnDoctrine and Covenants 121:36–46. Suggest they use cross referencesEphesians 5:23, 25with these verses (Help students develop scripture cross-referencing skills by encouraging cross-referencing when appropriate.)

Give students a few minutes to study.Doctrine and Covenants 121:36–39And consider how the leadership described in these verses contrasts with the kind of leadership exemplified by Jesus Christ.

  • What do you think the phrase “priesthood rights” means? (When a man receives the priesthood, God gives him certain rights and authorities. Man can only exercise those rights by acting righteously.)

  • What happens when a priesthood holder does not live righteously? (God is removing the powers of heaven from this man, and the man can no longer exercise priesthood authority; the Holy Ghost is offended.)

To understand how a father should lead his family, have several students take turns reading aloud.Doctrine and Covenants 121:41–46.

  • What Christian qualities are described in these verses? Why do you think a father with these qualities can call on the powers of heaven?

  • How would these Christian qualities help parents lead their families? (You might clarify that these Christian qualities need to be developed in women as well.)

  • Describe how it would feel to be the spouse or child of a man who seeks to follow the example of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in leading his family.

Show and share the following statement from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in 1973:

“Fatherhood is leadership, the most important type of leadership. It has always been like this; it will always be so. Father, with the support, advice and encouragement of your eternal companion, you preside over the home. It is not a matter of being the most worthy or the best qualified, but a matter of law and [divine] appointment" ("Father, consider your ways"bandera,June 2002, 16).

  • Sisters, what could you do to encourage the youth to magnify their divine role and responsibility in their future families?

  • What could each of you, both men and women, do now to be better prepared to lead your future families?

Mateo 2:13-16;1 Timothy 5:8;Doctrine and Covenants 75:28;83:2,4

Parents must support and protect their families.

Ask students to read1 Timothy 5:8yDoctrine and Covenants 75:28;83:2,4, and name another important parental duty. (You may suggest that students cross-reference these passages.)

  • Why do you think the Lord expects parents to meet the needs of their families? (As students respond, he points out that in a single-mother home, the mother can support her family.)

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  • What meaning can these passages have for a young man who is not yet married?

Invite a student to read the following statement by President GordonB. Hinckley (1910-2008):

Lesson 9: The Divine Roles and Responsibilities of Man (4)


Hinckley, Gordon B.

"I work for an apprenticeship. Get all the training you can. The world will mostly pay you what it thinks you are worth. … It is your primary duty to provide for your family" ("Live worthy of the girl you will one day marry"bandera,May 1998, 50).

Emphasize to students that using this time in their lives to get as much education and training as possible is critical to the future security of their families, for both young men and young women.

Point out that in the family proclamation, Church leaders taught that parents should provide for and protect their families.

  • What dangers threaten families today?

  • How have you seen righteous parents protect their families?

Display the following statement by President HowardW. Hunter and ask a student to read it aloud:

Lesson 9: The Divine Roles and Responsibilities of Man (5)


Jaeger, Howard W.

"A just father protects his children with his time and presence in their social, educational and spiritual activities and responsibilities" (“To be a just husband and father”bandera,November 1994, 51).

(Video) Son of Man

  • How can you apply this advice to your future family or to your family now?

Invite students to think about how they want to strengthen and protect their families, and then write down their impressions.

Explain that we can learn an important principle from Joseph's care for young Jesus. Ask a student to readMateo 2:13-16, looking for what Joseph did to protect Baby Jesus from danger.

Explain to students that while it is unlikely they will have to move to protect their families, they can compare or apply these verses to themselves by looking at some important details:

  • How did the Lord tell Joseph?Vers13?

  • When and how did Joseph react to this warning?

  • How can parents follow Joseph's example and protect their families? (Make sure students understand this principle:When parents seek and obey the Lord's guidance, they can better protect their families.)

Men and women must fulfill the plan of the Lord

Display the following statement by Elder RichardG. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and invite a student to read it:

Lesson 9: The Divine Roles and Responsibilities of Man (6)


Scott, Ricardo G.

“If you are a young man of reasonable age and unmarried, do not waste your time in idle pursuits. Go ahead and focus on getting married. Don't just go through this phase of life. Young men, serve a worthy mission. Then make finding a worthy and everlasting mate your top priority...

“...Marriage provides an ideal setting to overcome any tendency to selfishness or self-centeredness. I think one of the reasons we're encouraged to get married early in life is that we want to avoid developing inappropriate personality traits that are hard to change.""The Eternal Blessings of Marriage"banderaoLiahona,May 2011, 95–97).

  • In today's world, what pressures are there on young men and young women to delay marriage?

  • Why does the adversary try to prevent young men and young women from entering into relationships that could lead to marriage and the birth of children?

  • Why do you think Church leaders continue to advise young people to actively pursue relationships that can lead to marriage?

(Use:As you consider this, keep in mind that some young people in your class may never marry or have parents due to circumstances beyond their control.)

Finally, consider the living conditions of your students. What could you challenge your male disciples to do to fulfill their obligation to become righteous husbands and fathers? You could invite all of your students to focus on developing a specific Christian virtue, such as patience or showing love to others that benefits their families.

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student readings

  • Mateo 2:13-16;Ephesians 5:23, 25;1 Timothy 5:8;Doctrine and Covenants 75:28;83:2,4;121:36–46.

  • D. Todd Christofferson,"Let's be men"banderaoLiahona,2006 Nov, 46–48.


What are men's divine roles and responsibilities? ›

You have the responsibility for the physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being of your children. Governing, correcting, nurturing, and blessing them in meekness, tenderness, and love on the principles of righteousness.

What is a man's responsibility according to the Bible? ›

Ecc 12:13 The man's duty: fearing God and keeping His commandments. Joe 2:28 Young and old men will have prophecies, dreams and visions. 1Co 11:3 The male's position over his wife and under Christ. Eph 5:25-33 The husband shall love his wife as Christ loves the church.

What are the responsibilities given to man by God? ›

Human beings have been given dominion/be in charge of God's creation/subdue//control the earth/creation. Human beings are to guard/protect/conserve/care for the land/keep it. Human beings are to obey God's command/instructions. Human beings are to marry for companionship/procreation.

What are the biblical responsibilities of a husband and father? ›

The father is the spiritual head and should be the source of discipline and strength, while the wife becomes the source of security. The Christian husband should respect his wife, protect his family and guide them in prayer. He should emulate the meekness of St. Joseph and always seek to put his family before himself.

What are the three responsibilities of a man? ›

A distinct code of manhood has not only been part of nearly every society on earth — whether agricultural or urban, premodern or advanced, patriarchal or relatively egalitarian — these codes invariably contain the same three imperatives; a male who aspires to be a man must protect, procreate, and provide.

What are divine roles? ›

The divine roles of women include being daughters of God, sisters, wives, and mothers. Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles taught: “Our Heavenly Father endowed His sons and daughters with unique traits especially fitted for their individual responsibilities as they fulfill His plan.

What is the prime responsibility of man? ›

It is man's prime duty to respect his own life and the lives of others. Both suicide and homicide are equally serious unmoral deeds. Every man has the right to protect his own life but at the same time it is incumbent upon him to protect or at least to desist from injuring the lives of others.

What are man's duties to himself? ›

The supreme principle of all man's duties to himself is, Love thyself with a well regulated love. -- Man should love himself, but with a love that conforms to order. This precept of well-ordered love of self may be expressed thus: Man is bound to preserve and perfect himself in order to his last end.

What are the five responsibilities of human being? ›

The Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities is organized in five parts— fundamental principles for humanity, non-violence and respect for life, justice and solidarity, truthfulness and tolerance, and mutual respect and partnership.

What is God's expectation of man? ›

To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”. (Micah 6:8) The above are the Bible answers to the question of what God requires of a man. God's requirement is that His people do what is right in their relationship with Him and in their relationships with one another.

What is man's answer to God? ›

By faith, man responds to God's invitation. By this "obedience of faith" (Rom 1:5) man submits his will and intellect to God, the Revealer, because God guarantees its truth.

What are the roles and responsibilities of husband in the family? ›

The role of a good husband is to be respectful to his wife, communicate openly with her, and be there for her. Apart from this, a good husband should be loyal, passionate, and make an effort to make the marriage work. However, actions speak louder than words.

What is duties of man to his family? ›

Most men believe that being a good provider means supporting a family financially. It means much more than that. A man should also contribute to the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental well-being of his family.

What are three responsibilities of a father? ›

Through almost every studied culture, fathers have assumed three primary roles: the protector, the provider, and the disciplinarian. Before we discuss each of these roles, it is important to note that in many two-parent families today, mothers are fulfilling these three roles as much as fathers.

What are 3 divine people? ›

A Trinity doctrine is commonly expressed as the statement that the one God exists as or in three equally divine “Persons”, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Every term in this statement (God, exists, as or in, equally divine, Person) has been variously understood.

What are examples of divine? ›

He was known for his many powers, of which his ability to divine the future far surpassed all others. There's something divine in her. I think she's simply divine. There but for the grace of a divine power go we.

What are the three divine attributes of God? ›

In Western (Christian) thought, God is traditionally described as a being that possesses at least three necessary properties: omniscience (all-knowing), omnipotence (all-powerful), and omnibenevolence (supremely good).

What is the whole purpose of man? ›

Answer: The purpose of man is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. Scripture: “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

What are the responsibilities of human beings? ›

All people have a responsibility to protect the air, water and soil of the earth for the sake of present inhabitants and future generations. Every person has a responsibility to behave with integrity, honesty and fairness. No person or group should rob or arbitrarily deprive any other person or group of their property.

What are the two primary duties of every man? ›

  • The first is to his family, parents, wife and children.
  • The second obligation is to his people, his community and his country.

What are 3 characteristics of responsibility? ›

Being responsible means being dependable, keeping promises and honoring our commitments. It is accepting the consequences for what we say and do.

What is the responsibility of life? ›

It means taking full responsibility for our health, relationships, education, career, finances, choices, behaviors, and free time. Our ability to accept responsibility for things depends on our sense of agency: our perceived ability to influence events and direct them toward the achievement of our goals.

What are the 3 things God wants us to do? ›

Theology Thursday: What God Asks of Us
  • To Do Justice. The first thing God desires of His people, is that they do justice. ...
  • To Love Kindness. The second thing God desires is that His people love kindness. ...
  • To Walk Humbly With Our God. Finally, God desires His people to walk humbly with Him.
Feb 10, 2022

Who is a true man of God? ›

The ultimate true man of God is Jesus. He is the good shepherd who laid down his life for the sheep (John 10:11-13). Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who labor and are heaven laden, and I will give you rest.

Why is God described as a man? ›

Though Church teaching, in line with its Doctors, holds that God has no literal sex because God possesses no body (a prerequisite of sex), classical and scriptural understanding states that God should be referred to (in most contexts) as masculine by analogy.

What does I'm a man of God mean? ›

a holy or devout person, as a saint or prophet.

What is in the proper response of man to the revelation of God? ›

The best and most appropriate response to God's revelation is awe, acknowledgment of sin, and confession. This leads to forgiveness, inner peace, and everlasting life.

What is a man's responsibility to his wife? ›

Husband your love towards her shows in your talking, caring, helping, and other activities you do every day. The simplest way to love your wife is to satisfy her emotionally. And you feel her special, show your love in different ways. Let her go outside and spend time together and sometimes give her surprise gifts.

What are wife responsibilities to her husband? ›

As a wife, she is expected to serve her husband, preparing food, clothing and other personal needs. As a mother, she has to take care of the children and their needs, including education. As a worker, she has to be professional, disciplined and a good employee.

What is the role of husband and wife in Bible? ›

This scripture is often misinterpreted to mean that women are viewed as second-class citizens. However, this isn't true. The scripture states that the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. A good husband loves his wife unconditionally and is a servant leader just like Christ.

What is the biblical role of a father? ›

The role of father originated with God himself, our Heavenly Father, and is a divine role and calling. Becoming a father, stepfather, grandfather, or foster father is an opportunity to become like God, to love and care for children as God loves and cares for us.

What is the most important role of a father? ›

Children look to their fathers to lay down the rules and enforce them. They also look to their fathers to provide a feeling of security, both physical and emotional. Children want to make their fathers proud, and an involved father promotes inner growth and strength.

What is the divinity of man? ›

consisting in an unusual proportion of that divinity which is common to all men. anything more or less superhuman. No; "divinity" and "humanity," as used in the christological discussion, are as antithetic as "God" and " man. "

What is divine in man? ›

“What is divine in man is elusive and impalpable, and he is easily tempted to embody it in a concrete form—a church, a country, a social system, a leader—so that he may realize it with less effort and serve it with more profit.

What is the divine nature of man? ›

The divine nature refers to the spiritual attributes of God (His spiritual nature), the righteous character of God (His righteous nature) and the supernatural possibilities of God (His supernatural nature). Possessing the divine nature, therefore, makes us act like God.

What is the role of men in Mormon? ›

Men. Only a male Mormon can (and should) take on the duties of the priesthood. But these duties include caring for the physical and emotional and intellectual and cultural well-being of his wife, and her spiritual development.

What are the three divine person in one God explain each? ›

A Trinity doctrine is commonly expressed as the statement that the one God exists as or in three equally divine “Persons”, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Every term in this statement (God, exists, as or in, equally divine, Person) has been variously understood.

What does Divinity mean spiritually? ›

What is Divinity? Divinity refers to the quality or nature of God's being. In Christianity, divinity belongs to God alone. Orthodox Christians believe that Jesus is divine as well as human. Jesus is God and man, and the second person of the Trinity; the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

How is God human and divine? ›

The Bible teaches us that Jesus is both human and divine; not half man and half God but fully man and fully God. When Jesus became man he did not become any less God. When he died on the cross, and rose from the dead, he was no less human.

What is the divine of God? ›

the Divine, God. (sometimes lowercase) the spiritual aspect of humans; the group of attributes and qualities of humankind regarded as godly or godlike.

What are the qualities of divine person? ›

The divine qualities are: fearlessness even in the midst of sorrow; purity of mind; discriminatory knowledge; doing yajnas without aspiring for the fruits thereof; study of the Vedas; penance and meditation; non violence; speaking the truth; not getting angry; casting away that which is not good; controlling outward ...

What are the 2 natures of man? ›

Each of us has two contrasting natures: the physical and the spiritual. Man is a dual being, and his life a plan of God. That is the first fundamental fact to keep in mind. Man has a natural body and a spiritual body.

What are the 5 divine attributes of God? ›

Five Attributes of God's Holiness
  • God's Holiness is Providential. First, God is holy in His omniscience, or providential knowledge. ...
  • God's Holiness is Present. Second, God is holy in His overwhelming presence. ...
  • God's Holiness is Powerful. ...
  • God's Holiness is Infinite. ...
  • God's Holiness is Incomparable.
Dec 9, 2019

Why is it important that Jesus is divine? ›

The true significance of the divinity of Christ lies in the fact that his achievement is prophetic and promissory for every other true son of man who is willing to submit his will to the will and spirit og God. Christ was to be only the prototype of one among many brothers.

What are the responsibilities of a man in a family? ›

The male role in families is continually reified by men as they model gender norms and adult sexuality, provide resources, offer nurturance and support, and manage and maintain the family unit. Each of these primary male sex roles empower – and often constrain – male behavior within a family unit.

What are the roles of a man in a relationship? ›

A real man commits to the relationship fully.

He doesn't cheat. He is loyal to his partner and knows that relationships take hard work to keep strong and healthy. His affection to his woman is a full-time commitment. He nourishes and strengthens the relationship through ongoing, honest communication and team work.

Why do Mormon men wear undergarments? ›

Mormon undergarments must be worn day and night by members who have received the ordinance of the temple endowment to remind them of the commitment they made to God, according to Brigham Young University. The LDS Church's handbook states the garments also “provide protection against temptation and evil.”


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