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If you or a loved one have been handed a life sentence, you probably feel like your worst fears have come true. Perhaps you are afraid that you will spend your years in a cell or that you will not see your children grow up. It may help you to know that while a life sentence is a serious and life-changing matter, it doesn't necessarily mean onequitelife behind bars. This article aims to dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding the term life imprisonment. Explore the meaning of a life sentence in England and Wales and what that means in terms of the number of years behind bars. Note that there is no "UK".lifelong prison sentence, as the rules in England and Wales are different than in Scotland and Northern Ireland, which have their own respective court systems. It also examines which crimes can lead to a life sentence. Finally, it provides information on how to appeal the Crown Court's sentencing decision if you feel the court made a mistake in sentencing you.

What does life imprisonment mean in England and Wales?

A life sentence generally means you must serve a minimum sentence, the length of which will be determined by the judge if you are found guilty. After that period, you may be considered for your parole, also known as early release. Heparole boardIt is responsible for deciding whether prisoners serving life sentences can be safely released into the community.

The parole board conducts a risk assessment to decide whether the inmate should still remain in prison and what type of prison they should remain in. The parole board examines a file containing documents on the prisoner. This is mainly information collected by the prison about your behavior. This includes written reports from prison and probation staff, reports from staff who have worked with the inmate such as The parole board can then make a preliminary decision based on the records. The inmate can choose to accept the decision or request an oral hearing. The parole board reviews the inmate's request for an oral hearing and then decides whether to grant it. The Parole Board makes recommendations, then the Justice Department makes the final decision. More information on the probation process can be found hereHere.

Once you are paroled, you are licensed for the rest of your life. This means you are under the supervision of a probation officer in the community. This affects where you live, your employment opportunities and your ability to travel abroad. If you commit more crimes, you may be called to jail, which means you're back in jail.

The exception to this is if you athe whole lifeExpression. That means you will spend your whole life in prison. All of life is reserved for the most serious cases, such as serial killers, convicts of murdering a police officer, politically motivated murders, or the murder of a child where a child has been kidnapped.

How many years is life imprisonment in England and Wales?

If you commit murder, you always get a life sentence. This is known as the "mandatory life sentence".Around 300 people receive mandatory life sentences each year.. In convicting of murder, the court must follow the procedure outlined inSchedule 21 of the 2020 Judgments Act.

The first step is to consider whether the accused should receive a life sentence. A lifetime term means there is no minimum term set by the judge. As explained above, this is reserved for the most serious murder cases. In 2017 it was assumed that there were at least such75 prisoners are serving life sentencesJudgments in England and Wales. Unlike the United States,In England and Wales, a non-homicide case has never been sentenced to life imprisonment.

If the case is not suitable for life, the judge will consider the minimum sentence that should be imposed. Depending on the severity of the offence, the starting point for this can be 30 years, 25 years or 15 years. If the individual is under 18, the starting point is 12.

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The starting point is then adjusted based on aggravating or mitigating factors. Aggravating factors include a significant degree of planning and intent, physical or emotional suffering inflicted on the victim before death, and abuse of a position of trust. Mitigating factors include lack of intent to kill, lack of premeditation, or the fact that the accused acted in some degree of self-defense or out of fear of violence.

If you are sentenced to life imprisonment, you will serve on average16.5 years in prison. Of course, the specific penalty you receive will depend on the facts of your case. After your release from prison you will spend the rest of your life on vacation.

Why isn't a life sentence really life?

A life sentence does not mean that you will necessarily spend your whole life behind bars. The only inmates remaining in prison indefinitely are those sentenced to life imprisonment or those whose return to society the Parole Board deems unsafe. For example, the parole board is unlikely to release inmates who commit more violent crimes in prison.

A life sentence means you will always remain on parole even after your release from prison. Licensed life comes with rules and restrictions. You must follow the terms of your driver's license or you may be returned to prison. This is called a recall. A license comes with standard terms, e.g. B. that you reside at a specific address and do not need to be elsewhere without your manager's prior consent, travel outside the UK without your manager's permission and commit no further offences. . Depending on the nature of the case, specific terms tailored to your situation may also apply. More information about the license terms can be found hereHere.

What crimes carry life imprisonment in England and Wales?

People convicted of murder always receive a life sentence. They can also be sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes such as rape and armed robbery. Life sentences can also be imposed if an accused is classified as a “dangerous offender” under the Sentencing Act 2020 if they have committed any of the following offences:

  • demand murder
  • wounded withintent to cause grievous bodily harm
  • Attempting to strangle, choke, or strangle in order to commit or assist in committing a crime
  • Using chloroform or the like to commit or help commit somethingpunishable act
  • Causing physical harm with explosives or intending to use explosivesgrievous bodily harm
  • Endangering the safety of train passengers

In deciding whether to impose life imprisonment, the court will take into account available information about the nature and circumstances of the offense and any other offenses committed by the offender. It also takes into account all available information about the offender and their behavior patterns.

Can a life sentence be appealed?

You can appeal your life sentence. However, before you take any steps, you should check with yourcriminal defense attorneyto see if you have good reason to object. If you file an unfounded appeal, there is a risk that the court will decide to extend your sentence by the time you spent in prison filing your appeal.

Contact the legal service at your correctional facility. They help explain how you can object. Generally, you must appeal your judgment within 28 days of the judgment. However, in certain circumstances, you may be able to object later. You should seek advice from acriminal defenseAttorney to find out the timeframe applicable to your case. To do this, contact your attorney to set up an appointment and ask your prison warden to schedule a legal visit.

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If your appeal is denied, you can request that the Criminal Case Review Commission review your case. They review cases where an error has been found and can refer the case back to the Court of Appeal. Your criminal defense attorney can also help you with this application.

Where to get more help

If you or a loved one have received a life sentence and are considering appealing the sentence, contact Stuart Miller Solicitors today. We can give you realistic advice on whether you have valid reasons to appeal and if so, we will get your appeal rolling. We go the extra mile to help you achieve the best possible outcome.Contact ustoday for a non-binding consultation.


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