274631 Financial Assistance Officer for the Homeless and Homeless (2023)

If technical problems occur during the application process, in our experience we can first use a different browser or device to find a quick solution.

If this does not work, please email your application and/or CV to the Resource Center at recruitment@levellingup.gov.uk before the submission deadline. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

job overview

Are you interested in starting a career in finance? Then this role is for you! Joining the Government Homeless & Street Homeless Finance team is the ideal opportunity for enthusiastic individuals looking to launch their careers while pursuing a professional qualification in finance.

Regardless of your experience or qualifications, we want to hear from you. We are looking for a team player who is committed to learning while being supported by a friendly, inclusive and flexible work environment where they can bring their whole being to work.

The civil service assists governments in developing and implementing their policies as effectively as possible. It covers all aspects of life from passports, driver's licenses to crime prevention and housing. You can become part of a diverse and award-winning team (Government Finance Awards 2022) and take on real responsibility from day one. Working in government can give you a lifelong career with fantastic flexibility to shape your career and advance in a position you love.

Everyone should be able to have a roof over their heads and a home. But tonight too many will sleep restless, cold and vulnerable on our streets. Thousands more will be in shelters or sleeping on friends or family's couches, not knowing what the future holds. Our work is a top priority for this government and that is why we are expanding to offer new initiatives. If you are looking for an exciting and motivating role with the freedom and opportunity to design and deliver interventions that make a real difference in the lives of thousands of people, then this is the job for you.

The finance team, currently four, is a key function in the Homeless and Homeless Directorate. He will join us at an exciting time, having secured over £2billion in public spending to tackle homelessness and sleeping on the streets over the next three years. You are the focus and ensure that this funding reaches the weakest in our society.

job description

As a learner, you dedicate about 20% of your time to your learning and development. This may include attending seminars from your qualification provider, workshops, peer shadowing, self-paced learning and completing assignments related to your professional qualification. We expect you to be motivated, ambitious and committed to your own development. You are interested in becoming familiar with financial systems and processes.

In your day-to-day role, you'll handle our vital work for the finance team, including paying millions of pounds, following up on invoices and ensuring the program is compliant with audits, all while deepening your broader understanding. Finance within the department. The team is responsible for securing funds from Her Majesty's Treasury on fiscal policy events, managing them efficiently in line with public money management and disbursing those funds to our delivery partners. You will work closely with the project teams to help them make payments on time and accurately. This offers the opportunity to try new things, work with different teams and learn how to advance your career in both finance and public service.

There are opportunities to get involved in the day to day office life in Edinburgh or London, such as taking on the responsibility of organizing team outings around the country, joining social groups and taking an active role in helping the homeless and those sleeping on the streets a great place to work close.

You'll be able to meet our stakeholders across the country, including leading national charities and local authorities, with regular visits to the homeless and overnight services complementing your development in finance.

Public Sector Recruitment uses the Success Profile framework to evaluate applications. Please review the descriptions of each CEO-level behavior when submitting your application to ensure you set out the criteria against which your application will be evaluated.

The successful candidate will be encouraged to undertake a professional learning qualification as part of the positionLevel 3 assistant accountant(England) orFoundation Level 5 Certificate in Accounting(Scotland) whether this meets both the needs of the business and the development needs of the individual. This is not a mandatory requirement for taking on the position.

person specification


Enjoy working in a team

An entrepreneur with a positive attitude and willingness to learn

Enjoy working with numbers

· Confident handling of Microsoft Excel and the Microsoft Office Suite

· Organized and able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

I want to start a career in finance

· Have previously earned, or are willing to work towards, a relevant professional finance qualification in the paid and supported position in the department (20% of your time will be devoted to this). The specific grade and level depend on the admission and entry requirements for the course. Examples of qualifications you could work on are AAT, CIMA, ACCA, etc.

If you have any questions about the position or the application process, please contact the position manager.

If the role is successful, a suitable start date will be agreed. This is expected to be the case from June/July 2023.


things you need to know

Details of the selection process

we are there for everyone

At DLUHC, we value diversity and inclusion and actively encourage and welcome applications from everyone, including those who are underrepresented in our workforce. We promote equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and a work environment free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation and victimization.

We strongly encourage applicants to contact the Vacancy Manager for more information about this position.

we are there for everyone

DLUHC aims to attract and engage a diverse workforce at all levels.

Our application system is designed to remove as much bias from the hiring system as possible. That means a recruiter won't know your name and details, won't see your complete application at once (or will have your resume at the review stage, unless otherwise noted). ).

Your answers are random and fragmented. This means that each evaluator sees a set of answers to the questions, such as all candidates' responses to "See the Big Picture," rather than seeing a candidate's entire application. The science behind this is that there can be order effects and fatigue when recruiting, and we want to reduce this as much as possible.

Most of our campaigns use multiple raters, so each of your responses may be seen by different raters.

When writing your application, remember:

  • that the evaluator does not read your answers in order.

  • Don't assume that the same consultants have read all of your answers.

If you talk about something in your first answer, make sure you write the second answer as if you didn't write the first (and so on!)

At Sift, we will evaluate:

Experience – Why do you want to work in government finance?

Behavior 1 - Change and improve - Can you tell me about a situation where you suggested a new idea or a change to improve something?

Behavior 2 - Collaborate - Can you tell me about a time when you collaborated with others to deliver?

There is a limit of 250 words per question.

In the event that we receive a large number of inquiries, we can make an initial selection based on the behavior of the potential customers listed in the ad. Candidates who pass the initial screening may proceed to the full screening or proceed directly to the assessment/interview.

The interview will be mixed in nature and consist of questions based on demeanor, experience, ability and strength as stated in the ad. Strengths-based questions require natural answers from candidates. Approved candidates are invited to a short pre-interview exercise. See the interview invitation for details.

Throughout the campaign, we test the following elements of the Success Profile:

Behaviour: change and improve, work together

Experience: In the seven as above and in the job interview.

Skill: Yes, through an interview exercise

Strength: yes

How to apply:

Step 1: Enter your personal information in CS Jobs

Step 2 - Complete the verbal reasoning test by 11:55 p.m. M. from 06.04.2023. If you are invited to take the tests online, you will have access to the orientation. It is highly recommended that you read this guide before proceeding. There is no time limit for these tests; However, it is recommended to allow up to an hour for each test.

Step 3 - If successful, by 11:55pm we will send you a link to complete your application with examples of your Be Applied behavior and experiences. M. from 04.12.2023. Please note that these links are not automated and therefore may take a few days to appear and may be sent to your spam or spam folder.

Step 4 – We will review your application and, if successful, invite you to an interview.

We do not consider direct applications with CVs. You must apply for this position via the application link under “Public Service Jobs”.

Please note that applicants who do not meet the eligibility criteria for this campaign may be offered near-miss offers at the lowest grade.

CEO Salary

  • Salary for this role is £28,412 (London) or £25,324 (Domestic).

  • Standard non-negotiable transfer and promotion policies apply to existing officers.

  • Eligible candidates may be entitled to a settlement allowance or payments upon successful completion of a relevant qualification. To obtain this, you must have the appropriate qualification and a qualified position agreed with the professional leader.


Public Sector Transfers on or after October 4, 2018: Any transfer to DLUHC from another employer will result in your no longer having access to childcare credits. This includes movements between government agencies. However, you may be eligible for other government programs, including tax-free child care. Determine your eligibility belowhttps://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

Please see the attached candidate pack for more information on the benefits available to DLUHC employees.


  • London

  • Edinburgh

There may be an opportunity for candidates to work flexibly depending on business needs. This will be discussed with the vacancy manager on a case-by-case basis if you are successful for the position.


The screening is expected to take place from November 4th, 2023, the interview dates have yet to be confirmed. All interviews are currently conducted remotely via video call.


In the event that we identify further suitable candidates from the positions currently available, we will store the applicant's data on a reserve list for a period of 6 months. After that, further appointments can be made. This may include positions at a lower grade. Applicants who are placed on a reserve list will be informed accordingly. As CTC exams can take a long time, our HR Shared Services team will contact candidates on the London reserve list to start CTC exams. Candidates not wishing to remain on the reserve list should contact recruitment@communities.gov.uk to be removed from the reserve list.

CTC (Counter Terrorism Clearance):

Important NOTE

Successful candidates for positions at our 2 Marsham Street building must meet security requirements before they can be appointed. The required security level is an anti-terrorist check and the process can take up to 8 weeks.

Please note that successful candidates must pass CTC security checks; This assumes you have resided in the UK for the past three years. For more information on Counter-Terrorism Clearance (CTC), see the DLUHC Security Clearance Notes section of our Candidate Pack. Thank you very much.

Applicants should also note that as of August 1, 2018, the department will also screen all successful interview applicants against the Cabinet Office's internal fraud database (IFD). According to the policy on internal fraud in the public service, the DLUHC refuses employment to any applicant who is listed in the IFD. For more information on the Insider Fraud Database, see the Candidate Pack.


  • Please note that existing DLUHC employees who are currently on probation must still complete their probation if they wish to be successful in the role.

Before you start your application, it is very important to make sure that you are eligible to apply and meet the citizenship requirements for public service. All candidates are expected to read the information on nationality requirements and rules contained in the DLUHC candidate pack.

Information about the candidate package

Please see the attached candidate pack for more information.

Internal fraud database

The internal fraud function of the Cabinet Office's Fraud, Errors, Debts and Grants Division processes the data of officials who have been fired or would have been fired for internal fraud charges had they not resigned. The Cabinet Office obtains the details of participating government organizations from officials who have been fired or would have been fired had they not resigned for internal fraud. In such cases, civil servants are prohibited from continuing to work in the public service for a period of 5 years. The Cabinet Office then processes this data and shares a limited dataset with DLUHC as participating government organizations. DLUHC then conducts pre-employment reviews to uncover cases of known scammers attempting to reapply for government jobs. This way the policy is insured and internal fraud is prevented from repeating itself.

For more information, see -Internal fraud register

You will only receive feedback if you attend an interview or assessment.


Selected candidates must undergo a criminal background check.

Selected candidates must meet security requirements before they can be appointed. The required security level isAnti-Terror Control (opens in a new window).

View our research letter (opens in a new window).

Persons working with government assets must complyBasic Personnel Safety Standard (opens in new window)checks

Nationality Requirements

This work is generally open to the following groups:

  • British Citizens

  • Commonwealth nationals who are eligible to work in the UK

  • Republic of Ireland nationals

  • Citizens of the EU, EEA or Switzerland with permanent or pre-settled status or who apply for either status before the application deadlineEuropean Union Liquidation Plan (EUSS) (opens in a new window)

  • Relevant EU, EEA, Swiss or Turkish citizens working in the public sector

  • Relevant EU, EEA, Swiss or Turkish nationals who have acquired the right to work in the public sector

  • certain family members of relevant EU, EEA, Swiss or Turkish citizens

More information on citizenship requirements (opens in a new window)

work for the public service

IsOfficial regulations (opens in a new window)sets the standards of behavior expected of public officials.

We hire people based on merit on the basis of fair and open competition as determined by the Public Service CommissionContract principles (opens in a new window).

The public service welcomes diversity and promotes equal opportunities. For this reason, we operate a Disability Trust Scheme (DCS) for candidates with disabilities who meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

The Civil Service also offers a relocation interview program for officers who are at risk of dismissal and who meet the minimum requirements for the advertised position.


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