25 Bullshit Signs Your Husband Just Doesn't Love You Anymore (2023)

25 Bullshit Signs Your Husband Just Doesn't Love You Anymore (1)

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All marriages go through ups and downs.

And over time, the way you show your love for each other can change.

But do you wonder if your husband still loves you?

When in doubt, ask yourself how many of these warning signs you see in him and in your marriage.

The more signs you see, the more likely it is that your man doesn't love you anymore.

25 Signs Your Husband Doesn't Love You Anymore

1. Stop wondering about your life.

Once upon a time you spent at least some time talking about your days.

It was a small thing, but it allowed them to keep up with the important (and yes, sometimes not so important) events in each other's lives.

But those talks stopped a long time ago.

She tried to keep it that way for a while, but her husband just stopped talking about these things.

And now he has stopped caring about your day, your job, your friends, your family, or anything in your life.

You keep trying to ask him but he never answers you.

2. He doesn't listen to you.

If you manage to strike up a conversation with him, even mundane ones about childcare or a leaking roof, he just snaps.

You get the occasional grunt or nod, but you can mentally tell he's barely in the room with you.

They're thinking about something else, checking their phone, watching TV, or doing something other than paying attention to what you're saying.

You might as well be talking to a wall.

3. Has withdrawn all affection.

Many couples kiss in the morning when they wake up or before going to bed.

Others hug at least once a day.

And there are those who curl up on the couch most nights.

there is enough ofWays to show affection to your partner, but your husband stopped doing all those things.

Also, he backs away from you when you try to show him affection.

Simply put, it has become a loveless marriage and a clear sign that your husband is no longer in love with you.

4. Does not encourage physical intimacy.

In other words, your husband no longer seems interested in having sex with you.

Let's face it, in many marriages, though not all, it is the man who has the highest sex drive and initiates sex most often.

But your sex life just dried up, and if you manage to get it between the sheets, it's your effort. Her husband no longer initiates sex in the same way.

Furthermore, sex, if any, has become mechanical. There is no real intimacy, there is no emotional connection. It's just about getting the job done and going your separate ways again.

Simply put, there is no more emotional intimacy in your marriage.

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A word of caution: If this is the only sign you see, you may want to consider whether your husband has any health issues that are affecting his performance in bed. These can bother her so much that she doesn't want to have sex for fear of it happening again.

5. He doesn't do the things you ask him to do.

We all petition our spouses from time to time. We may need them to help with something or to complete a specific task.

When a marriage is healthy, these requests are granted without much complaint.

But when your man doesn't love you anymore, he'll huff and puff at every little thing you ask of him.

And it will probably recover, and it will do so a fraction of the time.

Every other time he finds an excuse why he couldn't do it.

6. He is more selfish than he used to be.

The above point is just one example of how you will exhibit more self-centered behavior than before.

If he's not in love with you, he's more likely to do things that he likes more than you do.

His desires come first, and he is quite reluctant to find a compromise.

So you eat what he wants to eat, you go where he wants, you do what he wants.

Your desires (and even your needs) take a backseat.

7. He makes more plans without you.

You may have always lived your own life outside of marriage, but now your husband is taking it to a whole new level.

He seems to be doing something every weekend, going out with friends a lot and spending time in the evenings on various hobbies instead of being in your company.

Gone are the days of spending a lot of quality time together doing fun things. You have been marginalized in your own relationship.

Her goal, of course, is not to spend time with you because your man doesn't love you anymore.

8. He doesn't want to go out with you.

Not only does he spend a lot of time away from you, but he doesn't feel like moving on properly.date nightswith you.

The times when you put all distractions aside and spend time focusing on each other are rare now.

Apologize for the reason you shouldn't be dating, or keep putting them off until weeks and months have passed.

He reluctantly asks you out for your birthday or anniversary, but even then he tries to keep it low key.

9. He stopped flattering you.

Do you remember when you started dating, the person you love notices you and tells you that you are handsome?

Maybe fix her hair, dress a little differently, or dress up for a night out.

Or maybe it's just the way the sun hits your face on a warm summer's evening in the garden.

It's just that her husband seems unaware of these things.

You literally can't remember the last time he said something nice about you, even if you made the effort specifically for him.

10. Treat other people better than yourself.

For someone who once claimed to love you, your husband has a funny way of showing it to you.

He seems much nicer to other people now than he does to you.

The compliments you stop receiving are given to others instead.

Listen carefully and with genuine interest to what others have to say, but you don't.

You are generous with your time and money when it comes to others.

Simply put, there is a world of difference between the way your husband treats you and everyone else.

It just shows how little he appreciates you and your marriage these days.

usYes reallyWe encourage you to seek professional help from one of the experts inrelationship heroas counseling can be very effective in helping couples and individuals save their relationship or achieve the best relationship outcome for them.

(Video) 32 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

11. He is more irritable with you.

Everyone can be a little tight with their partner from time to time. Stress in and out of a relationship can put us in a bad mood.

But in your marriage, this is becoming more and more common.

Your husband just doesn't seem to have patience with you and is easily irritated by even the smallest things.

Have you noticed how often he raises his voice or makes flippant and hurtful comments when you do or say something he doesn't like?

12. Point out your "mistakes."

In any marriage, you must learn to accept that your partner does not always do things the way you would like.

In a healthy marriage, these things are easily overlooked because they don't really matter.

But if your man no longer loves you, he will probably start telling you that you are doing everything wrong and will even find fault with little things.

He will start to have unrealistic expectations just to point the finger of blame at you.

He will criticize your methods and point out how "stupid" you are for not doing things his way.

Worse yet, he'll start mentioning your physical traits that he doesn't like anymore.

Wrinkles, gray hair, sagging parts: he will lament that you "let him go" and refuse to acknowledge how his body has changed as well.

13. He abuses you in front of others.

It's one thing to complain a bit about your partner to your friends or family; we all do to some degree.

It's another thing to talk bad about your wife when she's around and can hear every word.

This is downright cruel and can make you feel offended and ashamed.

You can frame these digs as pranks, but they're anything but funny.

This is one of the clear signs that your husband doesn't love you anymore, because who would want to humiliate their partner? That is a loss of respect.

14. He is never happy no matter what you do.

You can go to the ends of the earth for him, but that won't be enough.

No matter how hard you try to please him and satisfy his needs, there is always something he can complain about.

You don't get a word of thanks for all you do for him. you are good and trueOf course.

And yet, he expects you to be grateful for even the smallest things he does, and he gets angry when you don't acknowledge his efforts.

15. Avoid communication when you are not together.

In the early stages of their relationship, they could write or talk on the phone forever.

Nowadays, when you are apart from each other, he does his best not to communicate with you at all.

He never returns your calls and it can take forever to read and reply to your messages, if he even bothers you.

It is his way of telling you that you are no longer important enough that he spends a few minutes acknowledging your existence. It is one of the most painful signs that he is not in love with you.

16. He doesn't miss you.

Not only will he try not to talk to you when you're apart, but he doesn't seem to have missed you at all once you're reunited.

No temporary improvement in his mood or behavior towards you.

There are no words to suggest that he wanted you to be with him.

Not wanting to tell you how he is or to ask how you are.

Things go back to the way they were before.

This is a sign that your man no longer loves you.

17. He doesn't talk about a future together.

There was a time when they made plans for the future that they would spend together.

You would have goals and dreams of a better life. About family, moving to a nicer neighborhood, and the many vacations she would take.

(Video) 5 Signs That He Doesn't Love You Anymore | What to do When Guys Lose Interest

But there are no more such conversations. The future is not discussed in your home.


Because her husband doesn't really see them together for the long haul.

Or because he sees you together (for whatever reason) but he doesn't think anything will improve.

18. He ignores you in many little ways.

When the respect wanes, you know the love is gone too.

And your husband does a lot of things that show a lack of respect for you.

Maybe one night he decides to go for a drink at work without asking or telling you what time he'll be home.

Maybe he lies to you regularly, even about little things.

Or are you spending your mutual money behind their backs?

There are so many ways he can disrespect you, but they all point to the fact that he doesn't love you.

We hear it all the time and we all agree that respect is one of the keys to a happy marriage.

Losing respect is a bad sign, everything is going downhill.

19. You forget important appointments.

When something is important to you, you tend to remember it.

But your husband regularly forgets birthdays, anniversaries or other important dates.

Even things like hospital appointments you may have or big days for you at work, he won't remember unless you ask him ahead of time.

He may pretend he's getting forgetful (and that can happen), but even if you write it down on a calendar in big red letters, he'll find a way to overlook it.

20. He no longer bothers.

Many of the points above boil down to one thing: your husband just doesn't want to worry about your marriage anymore.

He is exhausted emotionally, physically and practically.

He lets the relationship flow, assuming he doesn't have to do much, but there's no real impetus to try to fix things.

He doesn't want to take on this responsibility and prefers the easy way of letting his marriage slowly fail.

21. Try to turn your children against you.

It's a really horrible thing, but some men will stoop so low.

If they have children together, they will do everything possible to become the favorite parent.

They will humiliate you, say mean things about you, and do anything to ruin your relationship with your children.

What better sign that your husband doesn't love you than to use your children to hurt you?

22. Flirt with other women.

He flirts with other women and doesn't try to hide it from you.

Intentional or not, actions speak louder than words, and their message is clear: He finds other women attractive, but not you.

You may even suspect that he was unfaithful or have evidence to show that he cheated on you.

23. He doesn't blink when you're flirting with another man.

You can try to make him jealous by flirting with another man, but your man doesn't respond at all.

Her husband's feelings have changed. He is no longer in love with you and therefore does not see this other man as a threat.

For him, your interest in someone else only confirms his own feelings (or lack thereof).

24. He doesn't want to talk about it.

If you try to strike up a conversation with him about the state of your marriage, he won't want to know.

He excludes you and refuses to talk about the problems you are facing.

(Video) Uncover the Signs of Toxic Relationships with Dr. Tracey Marks (Look for These Red Flags)

He is detached and shows no willingness to try to save the marriage.

25. Holds you accountable for the state of your marriage.

If you can get him to talk about your failed relationship, he'll put the blame on you.

It's your fault you pushed him away.

It's your fault for not trying harder.

It's your fault that you changed from the person he fell in love with.

It's your fault for trying to change him and not accepting him for what he is.

You are to blame for... everything.

There you go. Your marital problems summarized in 25 points.

But all is not lost, there is a ray of hope: if you agree to a consultation, that's a good sign.

What to do if your husband is no longer in love with you

Listen, it's never nice to realize that the man you still love doesn't love you back.

Does this mean a divorce? Possibly. It is a heartbreaking thought.

When the love fizzled out, the relationship didn't last long.

But it is not impossible for your husband to rediscover his love for you.

Most likely, it will require marriage counseling and a lot of work and effort on the part of both of you.

But marriage is worth fighting for, at least until you know you've done all you can.

While these are all signs that your husband doesn't love you anymore, you can't just give up on your marriage without trying everything, and it's always best to ask a relationship expert for help.

For one thing, all of these signs are based on your perspective, but you don't know how he feels about certain things on his end.

An objective professional look can help solve problems on both sides.

With a relationship coach, your man will feel like he can say whatever he wants without receiving a defensive response from you.

You also know that there will be an unbiased professional view, and therefore you will show less resistance to opening up and saying what you think is wrong with your relationship.

Think about it: If you agree to a query, that's a huge positive sign. Why?

It means that you are willing to try to make it work.

Remember the phrase "A complaint is a gift" by Dr. Janelle Barlow and Claus Moller?

When someone complains, it's because they want to fix or save the relationship. While originally applied to customer service, it also applies to personal situations.

So give couples therapy a try as there may be issues within you that you haven't seen and a relationship coach may uncover the true feelings about why your man doesn't love you anymore.

Still don't know what to do with your man's lack of love?It's not an easy situation to find yourself in, and it could be even more difficult when you have no one to talk to about it. Talking to someone is a great way to get your thoughts and worries out of your head so you can process them.

usYes reallyWe recommend that you speak with an experienced relationship professional rather than a friend or family member. Why? Because they are trained to help people in situations like yours. They can listen to you and provide thoughtful advice to help you determine what your next steps should be, whether or not you think your marriage is salvageable.

A good place to get help is on the websiterelationship hero- Here you can connect with a relationship counselor by phone, video or instant message.

While you can try to handle this situation alone or with a partner, sometimes even an honest conversation won't work as it may be a bigger problem than self-help can solve.

And if it's affecting your relationship and your mental well-being, it's a major issue that needs to be resolved.

Too many people, both couples and individuals, try to get through their difficult times and do everything they can to solve problems that they never manage to solve. If possible in your circumstances, talking to a relationship professional is 100% the best way to build a strong relationship.

Click hereif you want to know more about the servicerelationship heroImplementation and startup process.

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How do you tell if your husband no longer loves you? ›

Signs your husband isn't in love with you:
  • He's no longer affectionate with you.
  • He spends a lot of time alone or out of the house.
  • He doesn't really engage in conversation with you anymore.
  • He's become closed off.
  • He no longer goes out of his way to care for your relationship.
  • Identify what's changed.
Dec 29, 2020

How can you tell if a man is unhappy in his marriage? ›

Here are some signs a guy is unhappy in his relationship:
  • He spends excessive time on his devices even when he's with his partner. ...
  • He does not show affection anymore. ...
  • He doesn't like to spend much time with his partner. ...
  • He feels sad and depressed with his partner. ...
  • He prioritizes other people before his partner.
Jul 5, 2022

What are the first signs of a cheating husband? ›

  • There's someone new they can't stop talking about. ...
  • There's more emotional distance than there used to be. ...
  • They're suddenly more affectionate. ...
  • They're putting more effort into their appearance. ...
  • They're gone more often than they used to be. ...
  • They accuse you of cheating. ...
  • They're making big cash withdrawals.
Jul 18, 2022

How do you tell if your partner is giving up on you? ›

7 Easy-To-Miss Signs Your Partner May Be Giving Up On The Relationship
  • They Spend More Time Alone Than Before. ...
  • They Become Evasive When You Ask Simple Questions. ...
  • They Way They Speak To You Changes. ...
  • There Are A Lot Of Awkward Silences. ...
  • Your Fights Have Changed. ...
  • The Relationship Happens On Their Time.
Oct 15, 2018

How can I tell if my husband is texting another woman? ›

Here are some telltale signs that your man is texting another woman on the sly.
  1. He spends too much time on the phone. Save. ...
  2. He tilts his phone while texting. ...
  3. He sleeps with his phone under his pillow. ...
  4. He carries his phone everywhere. ...
  5. He leaves the room when texting. ...
  6. He gets defensive. ...
  7. He locks his phone. ...
  8. He deletes his texts.
Dec 12, 2022

Why do I feel lonely in my marriage? ›

Loneliness in a marriage can be caused by a number of different things. Family, work, and stress often play a role, but internal factors such as your own unrealistic expectations and fear of vulnerability can also make it hard to connect with your spouse.

What makes a man leave his wife? ›

Toxic relationships, being used, feeling emotionally spent, or meeting someone new could also contribute to what makes a man leave his wife. A wife left behind may be wondering what happened to her once happy relationship. Going to couples counseling and communicating with her husband may help save the marriage.

What are the final stages of marriage? ›

Most marriages go through at least three distinct stages: 1) romantic love, 2) disillusionment and distraction, and 3) dissolution, adjustment with resignation, or adjustment with contentment (Larson, 2003). Stage 1 typically occurs prior to marriage and within the first several years after couples tie the knot.

Why do I feel like my husband is cheating on me? ›

In many cases, people think their spouse is cheating on them because either they've cheated on someone in the past or are about to. Psychologists say that projection is a low-level coping skill, where people who cheat or think of cheating are likely to project the same thoughts on their partners.

What are subtle signs of cheating? ›

They get irate when you try to confront them

"It is very common for cheaters to deflect responsibility and get irritated by your questions. They often try and shut you down and even criticize you for being too controlling or suspicious."

How does cheating usually start? ›

Usually, emotional infidelity starts with a harmless crush. But once we start to flirt and spend more time with someone we have our eye on, a relationship can develop that has romantic potential. Eventually, this opens the door to physical infidelity.

When should you finally give up on a relationship? ›

Signs That a Relationship Is Over

There is no emotional or physical connection or intimacy. You have differing goals in life. You no longer trust each other. You can't imagine a future together.

How do you know when it's time to give up on someone? ›

Signs that it's time to part ways
  • You keep breaking up and getting back together. ...
  • You're doing all the sacrificing. ...
  • You can't trust them. ...
  • You've grown apart. ...
  • Your major values aren't aligned. ...
  • You've stopped caring or putting in the effort. ...
  • You're experiencing physical or emotional abuse. ...
  • You don't like yourself.
Jul 30, 2019

What is Microcheating? ›

Micro-cheating is of course not a psychological term. It is simply an internet-friendly shorthand for describing one partner testing the limits of partnership by creating intimacy with someone else, yet without veering into a sexual relationship with them. And it's surprisingly common.

What to do when you catch your husband texting another woman? ›

10 things to do when your husband is texting another woman
  1. Communicate with your husband. ...
  2. Ignore till you have more facts. ...
  3. Don't accuse him of cheating. ...
  4. Warm-up to him and join the conversation. ...
  5. Assume that she might be a friend. ...
  6. Check for cheating signs. ...
  7. Don't allow your emotions to control you. ...
  8. Fix healthy boundaries.
May 11, 2021

Should you read your spouse's texts? ›

Generally, texts and emails are private. Thus, you don't have a right to look at them without your spouse's consent. Doing so is viewed as an invasion of privacy. It doesn't matter whether you are married, separated or divorced.

Why do I feel so unloved by my husband? ›

Feeling alone and unloved in marriage can also be triggered by depression as well as jealousy and anxiety. These strong emotions can alienate a partner such that you fall into a vicious circle. All these are symptoms though that could mean something much deeper is going on.

When a woman feels neglected in a relationship? ›

What happens when a woman feels neglected? When a woman feels neglected in a relationship, she is likely to feel as if she isn't important. This can lead to her also feeling sad, depressed, or hopeless. She may also begin to feel lonely as if she has no one to turn to because her partner is emotionally unavailable.

What is a walkaway wife? ›

What Is a Walkaway Wife? Also referred to as the "neglected wife syndrome" and "sudden divorce syndrome," walkaway wife syndrome is "nothing more than a term used to characterize a person who has decided they cannot stay in the marriage any longer," says Joshua Klapow, Ph.

What makes a man stop loving his wife? ›

Inability to deal with the marital stress and the monotony of daily life can make a husband fall out of love. After living together for a while, it becomes a challenging task for many to keep alive the excitement they had felt in the beginning of their relationship.

Why do men stay in unhappy marriage? ›

Fear. The threat of physical violence, further emotional abuse, harming your children by depriving them of a nuclear family, and concern about how friends and family will perceive them are commonly-cited reasons why people may choose to stay in an unhappy marriage.

What a man wants out of a marriage? ›

Men still like to feel loved, wanted and cared for just as much as women do. They also want to feel like they're safe in their relationship with a partner who loves them and is invested in them. But even though they're not as expressive in their requests for it, they still want it.

What age do most marriages end? ›

60 percent of all divorces involve individuals aged 25 to 39. 25. Wives are the ones who most often file for divorce at 66 percent on average.

At what stage do most marriages fail? ›

After all, almost 50% of first marriages, 60% of second marriages, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. While there are countless divorce studies with conflicting statistics, the data points to two periods during a marriage when divorces are most common: years 1 – 2 and years 5 – 8.

What is the most difficult stage of marriage? ›

According to relationship therapist Aimee Hartstein, LCSW, as it turns out, the first year really is the hardest—even if you've already lived together. In fact, it often doesn't matter if you've been together for multiple years, the start of married life is still tricky.

What are the characteristics of a cheating husband? ›

10 Surprising Traits Men Who Cheat Have in Common
  • He's secretive, especially about his phone. ...
  • He's no mama's boy. ...
  • He's insecure. ...
  • He's forgetful. ...
  • He's a narcissist. ...
  • He's less affectionate. ...
  • He's got vices. ...
  • He's charming.
Jan 31, 2014

What are the behaviors of a cheating husband? ›

30 Subtle Signs Your Husband Is Cheating
  • The intimacy has waned. ...
  • He brings his phone everywhere with him. ...
  • He starts talking frequently about another woman. ...
  • He accuses you of cheating. ...
  • He showers you with gifts. ...
  • He's suddenly taking care of himself. ...
  • He responds to your questions with one-word answers.
Aug 3, 2018

What are 3 signs of a cheating spouse? ›

  • Altered Schedule. If working late is suddenly a new normal even though your partner's job doesn't really require it, they may not be telling the truth about where they are.
  • Uncomfortable Friends. The friends of the cheating partner usually know about it before you do. ...
  • Inconsistent Expenses. ...
  • False Accusations of Cheating.
Dec 13, 2022

What are red flags of cheating? ›

The physical signs of cheating are the most obvious. This includes spending more time with friends and less with you, avoiding sex, having a random or significantly changed schedule, and changes in their appearance.

How do you tell if you have been cheated on? ›

Common signs of infidelity that you might want to look for include:
  1. Improved appearance. ...
  2. Secretive phone or computer use. ...
  3. Periods where your significant other is unreachable. ...
  4. Significantly less, or more, or different sex in your relationship. ...
  5. Your partner is hostile toward you and your relationship. ...
  6. An altered schedule.
Dec 10, 2018

How do you know if he is not satisfied? ›

Attention Men! Here Are 5 Signs That Tell That Your Partner Is Not Satisfied In Bed
  1. They Don't Respond During Sex. ...
  2. They Often Go To Bed Before Or After You. ...
  3. They Stopped Initiating Sex. ...
  4. They Only Want To Pay Attention To You. ...
  5. Even You Don't Enjoy Sex With Them Anymore.
Nov 16, 2022

What makes a man happy in marriage? ›

A new study finds that men are happier when their ladies pick up on their positive emotions, while women are more satisfied when men “feel their pain.” A lot of research has looked at the connection between picking up on what your spouse is feeling and satisfaction with the relationship.

How do you know he doesn't care about losing you? ›

21 Signs He Doesn't Care About You
  1. He shows no respect while talking to you. ...
  2. He cheats on you. ...
  3. He is always busy and unavailable. ...
  4. He makes you do stuff for him but does nothing for you. ...
  5. He does not care to remember important dates. ...
  6. He does not pay for anything. ...
  7. He seldom calls you first. ...
  8. He does not discuss his plans with you.
Dec 14, 2022

How do you know if your man is losing interest? ›

5 signs that he is losing interest or are you overthinking it?
  • Phone calls and texts have steadily decreased. ...
  • Quality time together has started to dwindle. ...
  • Intimacy has become scarce. ...
  • Things are becoming increasingly one-sided. ...
  • He dodges questions about your status or where it is going.

Why do men stay in unhappy relationships? ›

Fear of conflict.

Usually, the longer you've been with someone, the more conflicted the process is. It is a sad reality that many men (and women) stay in unfulfilling relationships month after month, year after year, because they fear the pain involved in breaking up and moving on.

What years of marriage are the hardest? ›

According to relationship therapist Aimee Hartstein, LCSW, as it turns out, the first year really is the hardest—even if you've already lived together. In fact, it often doesn't matter if you've been together for multiple years, the start of married life is still tricky.

What do men want most in a marriage? ›

Like women, men want a life partner who will be trustworthy, faithful and reliable. They want a wife who will stand by their side and, considering divorce rates, it's no surprise that dependability would continue to be attractive.

What makes a man extremely happy? ›

To make your man happy emotionally, you have to be attentive to his needs and to know when to give him space. To make your man happy sexually, you have to want to try new things and to be bold and adventurous. But the most important part is that you are feeling happy while you're pleasing your man.


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