20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (2023)

Between eBooks, case briefings, spreadsheets, proposals and contracts, you probably hear attachments once a day, if not on average.

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (1)

This means that you may use the common phrase "please find attached". Other variations add "attached, please find", "please find the attachment", "please find the attachment for your reference", and "attached, please find". Learn how to write a real email with customization and check out our tips and examples to help you prepare your own email.

But the expression is falling out of use. Below we cover the best Find Attached option.

Why Find Attachment no longer works

Should I use Find Attachment?

No. Start, it sounds stuffy and too formal. You want to meet your prospect on a natural, speaking key, not write like a 19th-century lawyer. Second, this sentence is unnecessary. Your attachment will appear in the email so you don't have to disclose its existence unless your email no longer references the information. A well-written email shouldn't be too much to work with. Here we present the choice of writing "attached" without even using a sentence.

Third, it is a "request" that is not optional. Like “thanks for the tip,” this can irritate potential customers.

Here is an example email with the phrase:

Hello Amala,

It was great meeting you and the available team. I enjoyed learning all about it and hope to get AMADO to the top of the SERPs.

Include the cost statement of your annual investment. Are you available for a 10 minute registration interview next week?



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (3)

In this example, the phrase "Find the attachment" immediately confuses the recipient and interrupts receipt of the soft tone of the email. It is also superfluous: if the fee description is attached, the recipient will find it.

A popular alternative to Find Attachment is Find Attachment. But is it really better?

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Find Attachments vs. Find Attachments

Do you need to use "search attached" instead of "search attached"? The answer is neither nor.

"Please find in the attachment" is the same as "Please find in the attachment". The only difference is that last speech. Some writers may say that you can't "attach" an email because someone is sending it isn't an envelope. Consequently, the correct term might be "attach". However, make sure that the difference is small, and the fact is that both can be used in an industrial context. Send emails with Python – Real Python

If you prefer the term "attached" to "attached", you can still get it. However, we recommend using the following alternatives with the word "attached" instead of "attached".

See attachment for variations

  1. Attach the file without explanation.
  2. is available...
  3. I attached...
  4. This [X] features...
  5. I share [X] through you.
  6. The attached file can be found at.
  7. Please let me know if I have any questions about who is affiliated.
  8. The requested document is attached to the email.
  9. The relevant information can be found in the attached file.
  10. This addition [X] includes...
  11. If you look at the attached [X] you will see...
  12. Request to see who attached [X] for more details...
  13. Take a look at Adenines in Appendix [X].
  14. Attached to this email.
  15. I linked [X].
  16. I've attached a note...
  17. Please note the attached...
  18. ... added [resource] to this submission.
  19. An attached document shows...
  20. Attached…

Option 1: Attach the who file without annotation.

If the sole purpose of your email is as an attachment, cut out the full-size sentence.


Monthly development report

Hallo Marley,

With this choice, I almost doubled my conversion rate for connected calls. I'm a little shaky on demos though; I plan to do an additional preview for my next ones. I look forward to discussing with i.


20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (4)

Option 2: "Here it is"

You can also opt for "here it is [title next to attachment]". Short and sweet.


tariff options

hello Saleh,

Great to date to speak with the Kensington planners and learn more to expand into the French market. This is the pricing information you requested.

Let me know if you have any questions before our call tomorrow.

- Jackie

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (5)

Option 3: "I've attached"

This is another simple alternative with no jargon.


Have employees shared their feedback?

Hi Karim,

Congratulations to joint funding! I've worked with many People Ops executives (including LiveHire and 8/25) and know that one of their first priorities is often to increase company survey participation. I've included an e-book with some useful strategies: page 32 in has some good ideas.

I would like to discuss how you might apply this to Granted; If you're open to that, here's a link to embedding the calendar: [link to meetings tool.]



(Video) 90% of People Fail to Find Even Half of the Odd Ones

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (6)

Option 4: "This [X] can..."

It can also describe the content of the attachment, e.g. B. "This case study contains..." or "This business case explains...".


Might be good to show your boss


I hope your trip went well and you get plenty of beach time. This report reveals the impact of effective sales training on relationship building; It could be valuable to show your boss if you're looking for potential ROI. Explore what should be posted in emails with a proofreading example from different job-related scenarios, and see more tips for successfully adding attachments to an email.



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (7)

Option 5: "I share [X] with you."

This brand subtly puts you and the local prospect on the same team, making your relationship feel more collaborative.


have answers for you


I did some research and found the answer to your questions. I am sharing a PDF with you that lists our resale policy. Please let us know if you have any other questions. The expression "please find in the attachment" is no longer used. Discover the best alternative phrases, also tips, change the spelling of emails with attachments



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (8)

Option 6: "You will find the file attached below."

Never what attachment to go unnoticed. This ensures that your prospect is aware of the product you are including, but keeps the tone conversational and easygoing.


HubSpot ABC-Diagramm+Plan


Appreciation for telling me much more about ABC's goals and challenges in saving the year. The proposal we are talking about is attached below.



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (9)

Option 7: "Let me know if you have any questions about the attachment."

This is another subtle way to build with a team while letting the prospect know your door is open and you're there to answer questions.


Affairs? i have answers

don't drink

Here are the white papers we talked about this sunrise. Please let me know if you have any questions about and crossing.



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (10)

Option 8: "The requested document is attached to this email."

If you're sending a specifically requested document, make sure your prospect knows that the requested information is in the attachment.


Details you requested inside


Thank you for your time this afternoon. In order to register the request, it is attached to this email.



(Video) Stop saying "I'm sorry" | Use these alternatives to SOUND LIKE A NATIVE

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (11)

Option 9: "Relevant information is attached."

If the attached document expands on the contact's topic, include that so the reader knows to consult the document for more information.


Content view with full access


We hope that you will attend the conference. All event details are described in the attached minutes.



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (12)

Option 10: "The appended [X] contains..."

For longer or more comprehensive documents, you can include a brief summary of what the prospect can expect if few people open it.


Request for result selection

beautiful lily,

The attached catalog contains the new products that will be introduced at this price. Inquiries inform me of the owner's choice so that the person can proceed.



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (13)

Option 11: "If you examine the appended [X], you will see..."

This statement instructs the recipient to examine the attached document and describes what the document implies.


performance metrics

Hello Erin,

Thank you for your respective smart questions in today's session! If you look at the connector diagram, you can see a full breakdown of the metrics we cover. Please let me know if you have any questions.



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (14)

Option 12: "See a connected [X] for details..."

This will help you clearly state what the attached record is and what details are relevant to your prospect.


billing of months

Hello Kleo,

Thank you for participating in our monthly check-in. Please see the attached presentation for more details on last month's performance.



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (15)

Option 13: "Look at the attached [X]"

Use this statement when you are writing a document on which you need the recipient's opinion.


Enquiry: Your opinion is important

Hello Eckart,

Our team is developing our next catalog and would like your feedback on theilly design.

Please take a look at the attached samples and let me know before 5pm which one you think is best. M. PST on November 6th.



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (16)

Option 14: "Attached to this email..."

Since he's sending an email that has a more verbal tone, this phrase is a good choice. Because it's formally rather businesslike and may not hold up well in casual conversation, we recommend using it sparingly.


Follow-up interview with crowd manager: Jacki Johnson

(Video) Parsha Perspective For Today - Behar-Bechukosei 5783/2023 - All Brothers and Sisters

I loved Zoey

Thank you for today's interview. I appreciate your thoughtful questions and am honored to make you a broad candidate for the above Sales Manager position. Attached to this email are my professional SMEs.



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (17)

Synonyms of "Appendix"

Need more alternatives? Change it with "attached" synonyms.

Option 15: "I have linked"

Whether it's company pages or web downloads, tell your prospects to look for a link so they don't miss the valuable data you've included.


Here is the information I promised you

Hi Adam,

I'm next in our conversation from back then. I linked our pricing page here [insert link]; I want to know when you have each of your questions.



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (18)

Option 16: "For reference, attached..."

Use this in a main introduction. Every time the prospect downloads a piece of content from your site, let them know you've noticed and push them to offer them new resources on your siteIntroductory Email.


Expanded client base for Danielson Design

Hello bathroom,

Thank you for downloading 10 Growth Hacking Ideas to Try. I've helped many small businesses like Danielson Design turn their marketing initiatives into profitable campaigns. I've included a case study from a customer below for reference. Together we grew their customer base by 30% in six months.

If you're interested in implementing some of these kernels, I'd love to share more. Here's a link to my date: [insert calendar link].

All the best,


20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (19)

Dial 17: "Please see and attach..."

This is a bit classic, but it's useful when you're attaching critical documents that require action.


Next steps with Quinn Industries

Hello Sarah,

I look forward to continuing to work with you to revolutionize warehouse efficiency at Quinn Industries. Charm review the attached contract and let me know if you and your team have any questions. In this seminar you will learn how to send emails with Python. Learn how to send plain text and HTML messages, add files as attachments, and send personalized emails to multiple men.



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (20)

Selectable 18: "...added [resource] to this email."

If you have completed an encounter with a call button on a lead,Send them a summary emailand contain notes about what was recorded. It keeps a conversation going in your prospect's mind and also reinforces key points and conclusions.


Track your call

Hello Ab,

Thank you for your time today. I've added notes from our call to the email, along with key takeaways and plot elements. Please reach out with any questions prior to our next meeting on Tuesday, October 16 at 2:00pm PMI. Adding email attachments isn't just clicking the clip art with your inbox. Click here to learn how to email a love file.

- Jackie

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (21)

Possibility 19: "The appended [X] shows..."

When you use a document to reiterate a thought or idea, the opening that accompanies it will keep the reader focused on that key statement.


Let's keep this entertainment license

Hallo Candace,

I look forward to continuing our association. The attached offer shows the products that we would like to offer in the future. Here is a link to my calendar [insert calendar link]: Schedule a meeting near you to discuss next steps.


(Video) Stop saying “Very" | Use these alternatives to sound like a native


20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (22)

Option 20: "Attached..."

This is a simple way to indicate that an article requires the reader's attention without saying "attached".


Thank you for your comments

little Sascha,

Thank you for participating in our end user survey. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Please find attached a token of our appreciation for sharing your thoughts with us.



20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (23)

These "find attachment" alternatives make your emails feel less rigid and forced. Small words, big effect.

How to write an email with an attachment

Now that you have these best alternative phrases down to "find attachment", it's time to compose emails with attachments from their owners. Here are eight tips to help you write emails with attachments that will be opened and read. tips for reading emails; tips for sending emails; Work with attachments... The next time you compose an email, just choose a signature template...

{{ sgMacro.render_ftSnippet({ header: "Tips for writing an email", content_type: "ordered_list", list: { items : [ "Gather your files", "Verify recipients", "Compose and delete the Subject line .", "Open with a product your last message. Your email before you send it." ] }, Paragraph: { Content: "" } }) }} Learn how to write a receipt as an attachment , explore what an email attachment is, browse tooltips, and see ternary examples to help you write my .

1. Collection of your files.

Before you write a single message in your email, put or collect the files you want to save. In some situations, the file can be as simple as a PDF of resources that they send to all potential clients, or a price sheet.

If multiple files are sent to you, compress or merge your file. You should also rename the file or send the same file type if possible. No interested party would like to go through four downloads, please. How to write an email with attachments (with examples)

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (24)

Make sure all names are clean and easy to read so the recipient knows what they're getting. Limit file type variation: Send a maximum of two types (e.g. a PDF and an Excel file, others a JPG image and a Word document). That way, your recipient doesn't have to open more than a second app to view files. How to write an email with attachment + 20 examples that always work

Look at this difference.

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (25)

2. Verify your recipient(s).

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (26)

Who is getting this email? You need to know your audience before you compose your message. This allows you to hit the right pitch and insert the right information. 20 Less Annoying Buttons and Alternatives to Find Attachment

For example, if you're emailing certain established and updated HR policies to your entire team, your recipient list will be extensive and your tone friendly and matter-of-fact. Tips for reading and sending emails in Gmail - Google Workspace Learning...

If you think an email is intended for used C-suite executives, you should probably adopt a more formal tone.

It's also helpful to check all recipient email addresses to make sure you haven't banned anyone from an election or included someone who shouldn't have access to the attachment. Learn how to compose the perfect email with attachments in this step-by-step guide, complete with helpful examples and practical tips.

3. Write a clear subject line.

Now it's time to write your subject line. The subject line determines whether your prospect or recipient will open the email.

By including specific attachments, you want to indicate what the recipient will find when they delete the email. Here are some examples.

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (27)

There have been bad examples of installation email subject lines.

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (28)

While these subject lines aren't inherently bad, they don't lend themselves to a montage email.

(good date: Cheer up withthese sales email subject linesand look at theseEmail subject line tips).

4. Start with a reference to your most recent communication

If you send attachments, your recipient will likely ask for them during a previous conversation, whether in person, over the phone, or in another email.

It's helpful to refer to, so include your starting line, especially if you and your co-workers aren't co-workers or others are close. For example, you could write:

  • "Thank you for chatting with me today."
  • "I was pleased to meet a team from Gallant Bearing yesterday."
  • "Thank you for submitting your online form - your email is ready to download."

If you are replying to another email with this attachment, you can skip this step. You can also skip the paperwork every time you're sending something to a colleague quickly and informally. How to Write an Email with an Attachment Try It (With Tips)

Here is an example.

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (29)

5. Keep this body short or simple.

Nobody likes long emails. The more you add, the less likely readers are to get to the bottom of your email once they've noticed the clip icon that indicates an attachment.

And lessons? It pays to keep the body of the email short, simple, and to the point.

So instead it says:

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (30)

Of this:

20 smaller and more annoying synonyms, both alternatives to "find attachment" (31)

6. Let your "please find attached" another one.

After a brief description of where and your engagement, it's time to let them know they'll find the document you promised.

In your sentence "Please see the attachment" you describe what the documentation is about. Here are some examples:

  • "Here is the quarterly financial report with a breakdown by."
  • "I have attached the employment contract, which shows your salary, benefits and benefits."
  • "Check out the window photos attached below."

7. Include a call to action.

Always close the email with a call action. The recipient not only gets a document, but a reason to keep interacting with you.

Here are some examples:

  • "After looking at the support, I'd even like to chat with you. Feel free to book some time on my calendar: [meeting schedule link]."
  • "If you have any comments or suggestions about this attached script, please post them in Google Docs."
  • "I'd like to hear what you think. Is there anything you wish you had until you looked at it?"
  • "After completing the contract I would like to sign up. Are you available for a follow up call on Friday 16th February?"

By including adenine CTA, you ensure that the document doesn't just "hang around" but is acted upon.

8. Check your receipt before sending.

Finally, check the documentation for errors. If you're using an email template to quickly skip the process, be sure to select a few generic placeholders for company names or employee titles and replace them with specific ones.

Then run a spelling-grammar checker to make sure you don't miss anything obvious.

(Video) Learn 150 Common Synonyms Words in English to Improve your Vocabulary

Finally, read the email aloud to yourself. With such a large volume of emails being written and maintained, it's easythinkYou wrote one thing when in fact you were writing another existence. Reading your message aloud can help you spot potential mistakes and save you from aggravation.

The sentence "Please find in the attachment" is out

"Find attached" has a clumsy, outdated expression. With the above alternatives, you'll write a lot more and learn concise email attachments and get more replies from potential customers.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in November 2017 and has been updated for completeness.{{cta('574d2369-fbd1-447b-99a7-aabc63e9378b')}}


What is the alternative of attachment? ›

Some common synonyms of attach are affix, fasten, and fix.

How do you say please find the attachment? ›

That means you might be using the common phrase "please find attached.” Other variations include "attached, please find,” "please kindly find the attached file,” "please find the attached file for your reference,” and "enclosed please find.”

What is the opposite of attachment? ›

Opposite of the act of attaching something, or the point where something is attached. detachment. separation. disconnection. disengagement.

What does please find the attached mean? ›

What is the meaning of 'please find the attached'? 'Please find the attached' is a phrase that prompts the reader to check and review the file or files attached to an email. The file can be in the form of a chart, image, video, audio, text or a hyperlink used to redirect the reader to a different virtual location.

What are the 4 types of attachments? ›

Bowlby identified four types of attachment styles: secure, anxious-ambivalent, disorganised and avoidant.

What are some examples of attachment? ›

Attachment refers to a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person to another across time and space. For example, some of the greatest sources of joy involve falling in love, starting a family, being reunited with distant loved ones, and sharing experiences with close others.

How do you professionally say an attachment is missing? ›

My apologies for the missing attachment. I appreciate you reaching out to inform me of this error so that I can submit all the essential application materials. My resume is attached to this reply, so please let me know if you have any questions.

How do you politely say attachment is missing? ›

A great response would be: Good afternoon, Hi (sender), thanks for sending me this however, the attachment appears to be missing. Would you be able to resend it?

What does please send as attachment mean? ›

An attachment is simply an additional file sent with an email message. An attachment can be an image file, a Word document, or one of many other supported file types.

What is a word for no attachment? ›

Some common synonyms of detached are aloof, disinterested, incurious, indifferent, and unconcerned. While all these words mean "not showing or feeling interest," detached implies an objective attitude achieved through absence of prejudice or selfishness.

What is a synonym for not attached? ›

happy-go-lucky. independent. unattached. without commitments. without ties.

What are the two types of attachment issues? ›

Children who have attachment issues can develop two possible types of disorders: Reactive Attachment Disorder and Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder.

How do you mention an attachment in a letter? ›

Under your name and title, type “Enclosure:” or “Attachment:” to indicate that you've included additional documents. On the next line, provide a brief description of the contents. In a typical letter with an attachment, you might state “Curriculum Vitae,” for example.

What are 3 attachments? ›

Attachment theory is nuanced, like humans are. Although it is a spectrum of four styles, common parlance refers to only three: anxious, avoidant and secure.

What are the 5 levels of attachment list? ›

The five levels addressed are: Authentic Self, Preference, Identity, Internalization, and Fanatacism. Ruiz Jr. very simply lays out how our personal belief systems are conditioned from a very early age. We naturally develop preferences and make judgments as well.

What is personal attachment? ›

Attachment is the deep, emotional bond you have with another person. Infants attach to their primary caregivers, and adults may remain attached to their parents, but they also form attachments to romantic partners and close friends.

What is the most common form of attachment? ›

The secure attachment style is the most common type of attachment in western society. Research suggests that around 66% of the US population is securely attached. People who have developed this type of attachment are self-contented, social, warm, and easy to connect to.

What are the most common attachments? ›

The most common attachment style is secure. Foundational attachment research from the 1980s found approximately 56% of adults have a secure attachment style.

What are two signs of attachment? ›

The early signs that a secure attachment is forming are some of a parent's greatest rewards:
  • By 4 weeks, your baby will respond to your smile, perhaps with a facial expression or a movement.
  • By 3 months, they will smile back at you.
  • By 4 to 6 months, they will turn to you and expect you to respond when upset.

How do you say the attachment is wrong? ›

Sending the wrong attachment

If you accidentally send the wrong document, send a follow-up email apologizing for the mistake and (if the occasion calls for it) kindly asking the recipient to delete the attached document and not share any information they may have read.

What happens when attachment is disrupted? ›

Children with disrupted attachment often lack investment in achieving academic success as their energy is focused on self-protection from what they perceive to be an unpredictable and unsafe environment.

What is a sentence for sending attachment? ›

For example, if you want your message to contain an image, you must send an attachment with the message. He re-sent the attachments as a number of smaller files, but they were all received after the deadline.

What is the difference between attach and attachment? ›

This adjective can be placed before a noun to indicate the same idea that 'attachment' conveys. Common examples include attached file and attached document. 'Attached' must be paired with a noun that it modifies in a sentence.

What does attachment mean in a text? ›

: a separate document or file that is included and sent with an electronic message (such as an email or text message)

What is a toxic attachment called? ›

Disorganized Attachment

Disorganized attachment is the result of absent or emotionally unavailable parents who end up abusing (physically or emotionally) the child.

What are synonyms for insecure attachment? ›

Insecure attachment is an umbrella term to describe all attachment styles that are not secure attachment style. The three types of insecure attachment are anxious, avoidant, and fearful-avoidant, which are also known in children as ambivalent, avoidant, and disorganized.

What is the opposite of emotionally attached? ›

Emotional detachment is an inability or unwillingness to connect with other people on an emotional level. It may help protect some people from unwanted drama, anxiety, or stress.

How to be in love without attachment? ›

Loving without attachment means not trying to change the person, but appreciating them for exactly who they are, the good and the bad. It means letting our partner be exactly who they are, actually listening to them, selflessly, without projecting our own emotion or story onto it.

What is attachment vs love style? ›

Difference between love and attachment

Love evokes fond feelings and actions toward the other person, particularly. Attachment is driven by how you feel about yourself with the degree of permanence and safety someone gives you, based on your past relationships.

What is the closest synonym for attached? ›

synonyms for attached
  • absorbed.
  • accustomed.
  • devoted.
  • hooked.
  • inclined.
  • obsessed.
  • disposed.
  • habituated.


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