15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (2023)

The list of games that received the coveted 10/10 rating is not long. IGN is no exception to the rule. The company was founded in 1996 and has grown into a mainstay of the gaming community. Your opinion is valued and a game that achieves a perfect 10 on the site has a badge of honor to wear.


To date, IGN has awarded that elusive score to over thirty games. The last was in 2019 and the first game was in 1998. Frequent recipients are fromLegend of ZeldaePokémonfranchises, but there are winners of all kinds on the list. Let's take a look.

Updated by Madison Lennon on March 26, 2020:With so many amazing video games, it can be difficult to decide what to play next. Right now people have almost nothing but downtime so we thought it was the perfect time to update this list by compiling some of the highest rated games from respected video game critics, IGN.

From Nintendo to Playstation and beyond, there are tons of games to play and hopefully this list will make it that much easier for gamers to find the perfect game for their mood and playstyle.

15 A Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (1)

Zelda is one of Nintendo's most popular franchises and one of the most popular video game franchises out there. Unsurprisingly, several Zelda games made this list. Skyward Sword was an action-adventure game released for the Wii. It is the sixteenth game in the franchise overall.

In this game, familiar mechanics like solving puzzles return as players explore the city of Skyloft and the place below. Link must help track down Zelda after she was kidnapped. In doing so, he must prevent Ghirahim from reviving his master.

14 Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (2)

Uncharted is another popular adventure game and spans multiple game entries. Those who like thatTomb Raiderseries will see similar playstyles in both games.

Although basically allUnknownGames are loved, the third game is often considered the best in the series. In this game, Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan return to search for the lost city of Iram of the Pillars. But they also have to deal with a dangerous group of mercenaries.

13 Half-Life: Alyx

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (3)

Half-Life Alyxis a virtual reality first-person shooter that received unanimous critical acclaim and a perfect score from IGN. occurs beforehalf-life 2and lets players take control of a character named Alyx Vance. Players must fight against an alien Combine that has conquered the planet with Alyx and her abilities alongside her father.

For those of you who are longtime fans of the Half-Life franchise, you'll recognize many familiar game mechanics in Half-Life Alyx. An interesting feature of the game is that players can use weapons with one hand while leaving the other hand free to explore.

12 Super Mario Galaxy 2

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (4)

Another popular Nintendo franchise is Mario, which also appears on this list more than once.Super Mario Galaxy 2is a platform video game that was released on the Wii as a sequel toSuper-Mario-Galaxy.

One of the main things that people love about this game is the addition of many new power-ups and the ability for players to ride Yoshi. The game begins with the Star Festival and then Bowser crashes and kidnaps Princess Peach, leaving Mario on a rescue mission across the galaxy.

11 The last of us

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (5)

The last of usis widely considered one of the greatest video games of all time and perhaps the best zombie apocalypse game. Players take control of Joel, a survivor of the zombie invasion that his daughter stole earlier in the game.

From there, Joel will take care of Ellie as she is immune to the virus and all hope of human survival rests on her shoulders. It will be your job to help Ellie reach the people who can make a vaccine as she makes her way through the devastated land.

10 10. Red Dead Redemption 2

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (6)

The sequel to the popular westernred dead redemptionburst through the gates and fell to the ground running. While the game's release sparked some controversy after details of the Rockstar desktop surfaced, it received overwhelming acclaim.

The story, open world, and seemingly limitless possibilities create an enticing pull for players. A perfect score isn't a surprising prize from IGN, as the game consistently received high scores. The critical and commercial success ofRed Dead Redemption 2It's huge.

9 9. God of War

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (7)

The latest in the violent series takes an angry Spartan and throws him in the snow. An older and reserved (of a kind) Kratos must tend to his son Atreus amidst many divine interventions. The combat-heavy franchise is at its best here, and IGN felt it deserved it too.

The game is exclusive to PlayStation 4. So if you want to go head-to-head against all the men and beasts of the Nine Kingdoms, you have to try it on the Sony console. You won't regret it because there's nothing quite as satisfying as throwing a Leviathan axe.

8 8. Celestial

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (8)

Little Madeline has to climb the mountain and only you can help her. The 2D platform video game has a lot of charm, and the developers have taken a simple concept (leap) and taken it to a new level. Thousands of games will make you jump.

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celesteIt's all about jumping, and it takes skill to navigate the sparse but beautiful environments. What captivates most players and critics alike is the story that accompanies the game. It has depth and meaning not often found in similar gamescelesteweaves it into the level design on purpose.

7 7. Super Mario Odyssee

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (9)

Super Mario Odyssee, next tobreath of nature, made a clear statement with the launch of Switch: Nintendo is serious. In the space of six months, two GotY contenders were released for the console. ButSuper Mario Odysseenot only gave the public another entry into theMarioUniverse. It encapsulates (pun intended) all the joy of old games and brings a new angle for players to experiment with.

Everyone jumped on Goombas and dodged Banzai Bills, but what if Mario could inhabit all the enemies and creatures of the worlds he visited? This unique thought led to one of the funniest adventures in history.MarioFranchise.

6 6. Subconto

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (10)

A role-playing game that subverts expectations.Undertaleknows it's a game and that players are playing it, so it manipulates the situation. The resulting experience is specific to each player, and the game evolves or adapts to the choices the player makes.

When developers understand what players will naturally try to do in a game, and then modify the game to make it responsive, the emotional response is amplified. IGN recognized the merits ofUndertalebecause the game wasn't sitting still, waiting to be played. He got up, walked around and engaged with the player in a whole new way.

5 5. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (11)

Get ready to sink hundreds of hours into this game. It won almost every award there was for video games and earned critical admiration. The first open worldZeldaSpiel,breath of naturemade exploring Hyrule an absolute joy.

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There is a lot of hidden content for players to discover. Months after launch, players were still finding Easter eggs and new things to do. It's rare that a game comes out that captivates audiences so dramatically, butbreath of natureIt's a must if you haven't dived before.

4 4. Within

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (12)

DeveloperPlaydead drew a lot of attention when it debuted withLimbo. The platform game was a disturbing and wonderful experience. When thenWithinNext came the crowd ready for another hit and Playdead didn't disappoint.

The game mixes beauty and horror, and for most of the experience the player oscillates between these two extremes of the spectrum. It is frightening. In a good way. And the puzzles don't disappoint. But the real merit is how Playdead blends the graphics, gameplay, and story into a cohesive whole that doesn't disappoint.

3 3. The witness

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (13)

The witnessis an insanely addictive puzzle game set on a mysterious island. The variety and multitude of mysteries in the world cannot be underestimated, and there are mysteries to be discovered as you explore your surroundings.

The game is challenging, but there are always methods to decipher what you should do and how. The joy is in untangling the threads. The puzzles range from visual to auditory, from small to large. There are so many of them that you might see them in your sleep, butThe witnessit's nothing you want to miss.

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (14)

A different kind of riddleMetal Gear Solid 5: Ein Dor FantasmaGrants players the ultimate espionage and stealth sandbox. Snake can wreak havocSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate, but this world is where he lives and breathes.

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Although the living part depends on how imaginative you are and how well you planned your mission. The story unfolds as the game progresses, but the freedom given to players to collect assets and successfully complete missions is what makes it stand outthe phantom painseem. says nothingSolid Metallgetriebelikes C4 and a pistol with a silencer.

1 1. Grand Theft Auto V

15 Of The Highest Rated Games (According To IGN) (15)

Rockstar has a habit of making blockbuster video games.GTA Vis one of the best-selling video games of all time, and six years after its release, it's still a favorite of streamers and gamers alike to get involved in the insane chaos of the online world.

Sethe phantom painSo it's a sandbox of espionage and stealthGTA Vit's a sandbox for everyone else. Make a to-do list of all the stupid or ridiculous things you would do in a city where you're king and where it's probably possibleGrand Theft Auto V.

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